Chef’s Portrait : Michel DESRAYAUD

Born in Mâcon, Michel Desrayaud, began his vocational training in the well known « Hotel and Culinary School of Poligny » (39). Then he carried on learning different types of food. He has now behind him a great gastronomical experience. Passionnate about traditional cooking, recipies of our grand-mothers he’s an enthousiastic defender of culinary local traditions from Beaujolais, Lyon and Burgundy areas.

Many experiences all over the world enriched his gastronomical knowledge : in China (chef invited to promote « Beaujolais Nouveau » wine), in Malta (consultant), United States, Germany (famous restaurants in Bonn or Cologne – 1 star in Michelin guide) and Switzerland (« Le Vieux Moulin » in Geneva, 2 stars in Michelin guide).

At least, he returned to his roots in Fleurie (69) (Beaujolais, south of Mâcon), with Mrs CHAGNY in « Auberge du Cep » where he was chef and direction assistant. He cooked there with talent during 10 years, keeping all over this time 1 star in the Michelin guide. He contributed in Fleurie to enhance all the authentic quality local products and essential appellations of the terroir.

His gastronomic cuisine is generous and friendly, delightful and tasty, adapted to the seasons. Simplicity, authenticity, conviviality and generosity : right expressions which well describe his refined traditional cuisine. Renewing with the old culinary essentials and forgetting the new gastronomical discoveries.

Today, Michel Desrayaud is chef of « Le Garde-Manger », restaurant in « La Montagne de Brancion », and suggests you to taste his traditionaly cooked delightful meals.

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